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my life is measured by tics of a clock…
the real world a series of alarms
events labored in minutes
parenthesized in seconds
yet my heart disdains to answer
rejecting such constraints…
beating its own drum
keeping rhythm with a song known only to itself.
you stopped the tics…
you stopped my clock
the sand stopped flowing within the hourglass of my heart
so that I have nothing  left to say…
no answers for the questions of Time
i only remember you in my life
the memories of happiness that you brought
you were a bouquet
when all I had were wilted dreams
i kiss you from a million miles away
hoping …
in your dreams…
you feel my lips upon yours
:iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 1 7
Merry Christmas, Nama Ree by LeonieSainteVire Merry Christmas, Nama Ree :iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 3 4 Santa's Elf by LeonieSainteVire Santa's Elf :iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 1 9 Baby Olivia 2 by LeonieSainteVire Baby Olivia 2 :iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 1 2 Baby Olivia by LeonieSainteVire Baby Olivia :iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 11 23 To Dominic: Joyeux Noel by LeonieSainteVire To Dominic: Joyeux Noel :iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 3 10 Just call me...General by LeonieSainteVire Just call me...General :iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 2 21
does not make the heart grow fonder...
out of sight-out of mind...
is a ruse
a lie we tell ourselves
but one we know to be just that...
a lie.
are no less real
despite the span of years.
time does not heal all wounds...
its grip may weaken
but its hold remains...
leaving its imprinted fingers
clutching a bruised heart.
:iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 3 10
Before the trumpets...
It was in the night I searched for you.
We were such a secret...
(I know no better!)
That does not mean we became sad,
it was just that the dawn signaled change -
a point of transition;
We did not recognize the string of awareness...
the solo song.
It was in the night I searched for you...
before the trumpets...
before the rest of the world discovered...
It was in the night...
I would stir you awake...
to make love
to chatter sillyness...
to wander over dreamy paths.
Before the trumpets heralded the sun...
we loved.
:iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 5 11
Inside Joke
when you smile
making the edge of the sun burn
bluish to match your eyes
I lose another wish
because you granted it
without my consent
yet it is me
who is silently happy
singing a song we both know
that makes you laugh
making me express the
long and ever ending smile
that is held in secret of an inside joke
:iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 1 14
Fading mists...
swirl and dance before my eyes...
I realize...
the feelings that lay within my heart.
Only for you..
do I exist.
holds tomorrow's yearning while apart...
although the longing has begun for you.
Suns will never set...
I shall not forget...
the promises made.
Falling around me...
are the parts of my life.
I leave them all behind.
Living in strange ways...
has cast me aside...
I cried in another world...
searching for you.
Living in the hope of you...
loving you.
You are my waking thoughts.
I lay with you in my sleeping hours.
Here is where I belong.
Inside my own existence...
I have been for too long.
Leonie could smell the sea before she ever saw it. The wind laden with the smell of salt swept across the sand dunes, combing the fine grains in an ever changing pattern of waves. The sun, always merciless on her fair skin, beat down upon her, the air heavy with humidity as she drew closer to the turquoise watered shores.  Beneath the black velvet
:iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 3 10
Happy Birthday, Kira by LeonieSainteVire Happy Birthday, Kira :iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 2 8
'How did I get here?'
"How did I get here?  I always try my best..."
Moonlight glittered silver on the trees. Each leaf was defined in acid iridescence. The full round face of the moon peeked through the oval leaves, revealing the tell tale gleam of watchful eyes: deep, lustrous, violet blue eyes, velvety like lush pansies, eclipsed by a fringe of thick black lashes. These lashes brushed against cheeks smudged with the hint of rose, and tickled by wisps of burnished copper, escapees from a tangled mane swept back and held by pale, slender hands with sanguine nails. The corner of the right little fingernail rested in the bend of the full red mouth. The full red mouth parted slightly to reveal perfect, sharp white teeth. The teeth were eased apart and full-throated laughter rang out of the mouth. The laughter carried down into the village below, and a man awoke, startled, in his bed.
He sat up in the dark, clutching the thin bed sheet to his chest as if it could offer some protection against
:iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 5 19
Just a Dog by LeonieSainteVire Just a Dog :iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 3 13 Ghost Hunters by LeonieSainteVire Ghost Hunters :iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 13 17
A Husband's Love
                                That Which Lies Past the Point of No Return:
                                                   A Husband’s Love
She had succumbed to slumber, swaddled in a quilt upon the couch. Her husband had tucked her in, having weathered a rigorous night. He did not think to carry her to bed, for fear of stirring her awake.
Instead, he took vigil by her side, reclined outstretched before the hearth. The vivacious fire danced in the mahogany mirror of his eyes, idling him in musings. A single arm s
:iconleoniesaintevire:LeonieSainteVire 4 27


No words
The coming dawn,      
a heavy drowse      
of fog and beach's loss      
of memories from yesterday      
where summer's laid      
its final pall      
o'er castles washed aground.      
And as each footprint      
leaves its mark      
and just as quickly fills,      
avert my eyes      
in time to see      
undulating shoreline dunes,    
the chevron wings of gulls.      
I contemplate      
in shrouded light      
while I alone eclipse      
where sand crabs scuttle      
in the wake      
of early morning mist.      
And how my mind  
is set adrift      
like waves that crest ashore      
without the anchor  
:iconjade-pandora:Jade-Pandora 18 13
Three words
In the first instance
I didn't say it
Because I wasn't sure
Some people have endless hearts
Mine is a cloistered nun
Weak and old and finite
It must be selective
In the second instance
I couldn't say it
Because I was afraid
Some people have iron hearts
Mine is of frozen glass
Cold and sharp and brittle
It must be protected
In the third instance
I should have said it
The time was never right
Some people have reckless hearts
Mine is a sentinel
Silent and watchful, wary
It remains collected
In the fourth instance
I could have said it
Because it's all I knew
Some people have calmer hearts
Mine is kindling aflame
Scorching, consuming, joyful
When it is connected
In the last instance
I never said it
Because it cut too deep
My heart was finite, frozen, silent, wooden
And it expanded, melted, sang and burned
For love of you
Then it was rejected
:icondrakard-14:Drakard-14 13 10
Let the stars make their protest;
let them trip us
roughshod and unkempt -
is at our side tonight,
and the dust from long ago
settles on this side
of heaven.
The air is spangled here -
it rests upon us
in a silver tallith
unravelling across the vaulted
sky and lingers where
our fingers clasp.
We have lost the moon,
that wanton keeper of lies
and wishes
only virgins make in summer;
and night,  
that naked warrior,
blushes in this unkempt heat
and holds our senses
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 78 22
I should have written more poetry about you.
Lost in your embrace
into your chest she collapsed,
against your collar-bones
weighed down by stones
in her pockets.
And her hair filled your eyes
tickled your neck
with her lips,
shuffled the deck
while she unbuckles your favourite trousers
the darkness swallowing
the discarded clothes
to the sound of swallows
congealing in the dawn.
And you, a frightened fawn
stark naked, captured by her eyes
ribs interlocked and fingers
heaving in the tide of bedsheets,
push and pull -
stand tall
for me, stand tall, for
me, my
peace of mind
tease out the knots
in our heartstrings.
She won't love another
she won't cut your words
from her walls; instead let their meanings
sink into the paint
drain into her lungs, quaint
little breaths of love
as the morning consumes
our worst fears
in the gentle blush of snow
under the combination of
the sickly aurora,
the golden lamplight
oh, what a sight
for blind lovers.
:icon91816119:91816119 29 23
Mature content
Fellowship Lost, Ch 32, Prt 3 :icondenlm:denlm 1 13
Fate of the Seer Wrap-Around Book Cover by theJRWesley Fate of the Seer Wrap-Around Book Cover :iconthejrwesley:theJRWesley 1 0 Roark and Francon by FluorineSpark Roark and Francon :iconfluorinespark:FluorineSpark 32 20
Imaginary Distance
You asked me,
if I could feel
all across the ocean
what you feel.
I smiled
even though
I didn't tell you then,
I smiled,
because I like to think
that there is only 
a door
between us,
a thin, white door
and that we are
simply too lazy
to get up.
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 21 36
An Old August
I watch you
cutting strawberries
in the amber afternoon,
sun on its midway 
to autumn;
you won't let me help
because secretly
only half of them
make it to the bowl.
I smile back 
at your playful eyes
you know.
It feels like
an old August,
in my stomach
some sort of sadness
some sort of joy.
Last night's thunderstorm
has left the ocean agitated,
Life is nothing
but a vacant place, today
and we shall
let it be,
let the world
wait for us, today.
Cross legged
on my piano bench,
I play for the cat
a winter Debussy
she's happy,
I could tell
she smiles.
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 192 139
a question of endurance
I wonder if my heart
will ever grow tired
of its repetitive seizing,
will want more rest
than the scant pauses between
its breaths
can afford it—
if I will be obliged
to draw it, glistening,
out of my chest, to
cradle it in my palm
like a bird, dark red and shuddering
in its wanton plumage—
if, when it is rested,
(its role in the mean time
having been supplied
by my opposite fist, or branches
of lungs, or sheer
force of will),
I will slip it back into its assigned
and feel it stutter into life again.
I wonder if the stain will remain
on my hand.
:icontoxic-nebulae:toxic-nebulae 30 11
all in
sometimes you fill my head
so (full) I can
feel you there
the progress of a constant
a dream made tangible
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 43 20
july 14th (1:58 am)
add a hundred miles
for every year
between us
find the day
when I can say
that's your best smile
maybe time's just a compass
(and an arrow's accomplice)
and all it's accomplished
is pointing
the way
for a while
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 39 29
Mature content
Wednesday's Child :icondenlm:denlm 2 7
Mature content
Job Security :icondenlm:denlm 7 31


Invocation to my Muse

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 16, 2009, 8:05 PM

.: Idle Musings of a Random Mind :.

State your intentions, Muse. I know you're there.
Dead bards who pined for you have said
You're the bright flame, but fickle as the air.
My pen and I, submerged in liquid shade,
Much dark can spread, on days and over reams,
But without you, no radiance can shed.
Why rustle in the dark, when fledged with fire?
Craze the night with flails of light. Reave
Your turbid shroud.  Bestow what I require.

But you're not in the dark. I do believe
I swim, like a squid, in clouds of my own make,
To you, offensive. To us both, opaque.
What's constituted so, only a pen
Can penetrate. I have one here; let's go....

(Neil Stephenson)

I am still chasing my Muse.  I want to write.  I want to find the magic.  Unfortunately, trying to save the world and my duties as wife, mother and daughter seem to demand my energies, and leave me with little or no time to chase my artistic bents. ::twinkles::Life as "super woman" sucks at times.  Personally, I prefer Cat woman...but that is a whole different story.

Still...I am trying.  In an effort to regain my stride, I am updating Dagny and Jeb. I invite critiques, and already have received some excellent advice.  Often, a fresh view helps one's perspective, if only to catch those annoying little errors we all seem to miss when we are too close to a project.  

So...humour my absences, and feel free to throw in your critiques as I update "Wooden Crates."

Mon amour très grand à vous tout, mes amis!

.: I Would Like to Bring to your Attention :.

Please take a moment to view the works of these very talented deviants: YouInventedMe, LadyLincoln, and Kira73. Check out their journals and enjoy their separate, but wonderfully divergent and special offerings!

:iconyouinventedme: :iconladylincoln: :iconkira73:

.: For Your Viewing Pleasure :.

.: Stamp Collection :.

.: Mes Amis :.


.: Ceux que J'observe :.


.: Mes Associations :.


.: "After Words" :.

Comme toujours, soyez bien, mes amis.  

"The past is but the beginning...
and all that is and has been.....
is but the twilight of the dawn."

I am Leonie...

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